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Where are you based?
We are based at The Latymer School, Haselbury Road, Edmonton, London N9 9TN

At what age can my child join your classes?
We offer Musicianship Classes for children from Nursery to Year 2, and from Year 2 we offer instrumental lessons.

How much are the lessons?
The costs for an average 12 week term are currently £273.60 for a 30 minute instrumental or music theory lesson, and £108 for a 40 minute Musicianship Class. There is a discount for Year 2 Musicianship students if they are also learning an instrument.

How do I apply?
Please complete the application form and someone will be in touch.

What happens if my child doesn’t want to continue the lessons?
We require notice of 4 teaching weeks if your child does not wish to continue.

Will I have to buy an instrument?
It is possible to hire most instruments initially, either from us or from another source.  An instrument is required for practising between lessons in order to make progress.

How much practice does my child need to do?
Initially, 10-15 minutes four times per week should be enough. Practice is essential in order to maintain progress and keep the lessons enjoyable for the students.

What happens if my child is unable to attend a lesson?
If your child misses a lesson, it will not be made up.

What happens if a teacher is absent?
If a teacher is absent, we will endeavour to provide a deputy teacher or make up the lesson in another way.