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What We Offer

Musicianship Classes

The aim of these sessions is to provide opportunities for children to develop musicianship through a variety of musical games and activities including singing, playing classroom percussion instruments and listening.

As the children progress to having formal instrumental tuition, the benefits of  having attended the musicianship classes (in terms of ‘sharpening up’ their ears, developing music reading skills and co-ordination) are invaluable.

The classes are offered for children in the following age groups:

Early Ears – Nursery (Pre Reception Year)
Year 1
Year 2 (The classes are compulsory for this age group if learning an instrument)

Instrumental Lessons

Our team of experienced teachers has been providing instrumental lessons to the children of Edmonton and the surrounding areas for nearly 30 years.

From Year 2, our students can start to learn an instrument – initially from a choice of recorder, piano, violin, viola, cello, harp and drum kit.

Other instruments are available as the students get older, depending on a number of factors including their size, and in some cases their teeth!   The instruments we currently offer are:

String instrumentsviolin, viola, cello, harp, guitar

Wind instrumentsrecorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon (including mini-bassoon)

Brass instrumentstrumpet, trombone, French horn


Drum kit and percussion


We have a pool of instruments available to hire at reasonable charges.

Music Theory Lessons

Individual music theory lessons can be provided as required.  We usually recommend that a student starts Music Theory lessons when they reach Grade 3 on an instrument.


We offer the following ensembles which are free of charge for our students.  There is a modest charge for those students who would like to join the ensemble but are not having lessons with us.

Guitar, Harp, Recorder, Strings, Woodwind

Concerts and ABRSM exams

We put on two concerts each term, and also hold a special visit for ABRSM exams.


Our charges vary each term depending on the length of the school term.  There are a maximum of 36 lessons over an academic year.  The costs for an average 12 week term are currently £273.60 for a 30 minute instrumental or music theory lesson, and £108 for a 40 minute Musicianship Class.  There is a discount for Year 2 Musicianship students if they are also learning an instrument.